Marina de Cap Cana

It's not just a marina, it is a lifestyle!

This port will offer more than 500 berths, many of which will accommodate yachts over 100 feet. The Vaporettos transport visitors through the Grand Canal to and from their favorite shops and restaurants . You will be surrounded by a "village" enchanting where you can share the joy of living, laughing and loving.

The Marina at Cap Cana , designed to be the most complete and modern Caribbean with an area of 1.5 million square meters, is operational and has received a weekly average of 14-20 boats in its inaugural year. The Navy will have a capacity in the final stage of more than 1,000 yachts of various sizes, including mega yachts and up to 250 feet long. Currently, 81 berths are operational, accommodating yachts up to 130 feet.

The marina is equipped with meteorological services unique floating in the Caribbean. When operating, buoys take measurements of wind and sea are transmitted to the crews. Other facilities at the Marina include:

  • Immigration and Customs port
  • Water, telephone, cable TV and wireless Internet connection
  • Free Transportation services
  • Electricity 30-250 amps / 120-480 volts
  • Fuel dispensed at high speed
  • Center for waste oil
  • Personal port
  • Yacht Provisioning
  • Catering and cleaning of yachts at the request
  • Boutiques, restaurants and a busy shopping center
  • Complimentary transportation to and from the golf course, beach club and restaurants


    18º 29’.858”
    18º 29’.858”

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